Beauty Blender Dupe?! Basic Beauty Tools Review

Although the beauty blender is a holy grail in the beauty community, its high price tag leaves us all wanting and searching for an affordable dupe. SPOILER ALERT: As someone who has tried many different “dupes,” I can say with certainty that this is definitely one of the best sponges I have tried, so it is definitely worth checking out! Not to mention that the sponge holder is probably the best thing to ever happen to us beauty lovers. Keep reading for my full thoughts. 

*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent to me complimentary with the intent of creating this blog post; however, this does not change or influence my opinion in any way. 

The Spongedry, $18.99

Personally, I have struggled in the past with finding ways to store my beauty sponges. But finally, my prayers have been answered… ok, maybe this is a bit dramatic, but I am so happy that they made this product and that it is now a part of my life. The Spongedry is a holder for your beauty sponge, so you don’t have to leave it thrown on your vanity, or sitting in a dusty drawer. Not only does this keep your sponge clean, but you can save vanity space by placing your sponge in its little home, instead of lying around in the way of your beautiful setup. You can also use the Spongedry as a place to allow your sponge to dry after washing it, instead of sitting on a damp towel or on the nearest flat surface so it doesn’t roll away. It is not flimsy at all, but it is not super heavy to the point where it would be inconvenient to move to another spot or travel with. Speaking of travel, this bad boy is foldable, so you can fold in its rings until it is flat and take it with you on your next vacation (so you don’t lose your precious beauty sponge in your hotel room). Just for its ingenuity alone, I totally think all of us need this product in our lives.

Foundation Blender, $6.99

Let me just cut to the chase with this one, because I know what you are all wondering: is this a beauty blender dupe? Well, not exactly… but they are reallllly close. The only thing I have to say is that I feel it does absorb more foundation than the beauty blender, but not to the point where it is a con, I am just comparing it to the beauty blender. They both expand well when wet, and have the same amount of maintenance, when it comes to cleaning them. They are also just as soft, and just as bouncy when applying your foundation. This is not one of those sponges that even after running them under water and towel drying them, they still manage to feel like something Patrick Star would like to live under. This sponge also does have one flat side, where the beauty blender does not, which does come in handy for blending out concealer. A beauty blender retails for $20, and this retails for $7 – for the $13 difference, this sponge is well worth its value.

I know this is a bit shorter of a post for me, but I just really enjoy these products and have nothing but love to give to them. If you’re interested in checking out these products (which I highly recommend!) you can do so here. If you want to try out both the Spongedry & the foundation blender, if you purchase just the Spongedry, you get a free foundation blender! Sounds like a great value, right? But wait, there’s more! Use code SPONGEDRY15 to get 15% on top of that. Yep, you read that right. You’re welcome. Please comment your thoughts below, and thank you for reading!


Get It or Gimmick? Reviewing Pixi & Pop! Beauty Products You Need to Know About

Recently, the drugstore has been climbing in their price point, when it comes to beauty and makeup. However, the drugstore has also been stepping up their game, when it comes to the quality of the product. In my experience, some drugstore items have been on par with, if not better than, more high end products that you would find at Sephora or Bloomingdales, even. The products that I have tried recently from Pixi and Pop Beauty are no exception. In case you weren’t aware, Pop! Beauty is a sister brand to Pop Beauty, so this is why I am combining them into one large review. Pixi can be found at Target and Pop! Beauty can be found at Walgreens. Although the price point is a bit higher than your average drugstore makeup item, the quality is definitely there. Keep reading to see which products were standouts that you need to go out and snatch up!

*  The products featured in this post were sent as PR courtesy of YCC Agency. However, this does not change my opinion of the product! 

Pixi Pretties

Book of Beauty: Touch of Blush, $24

This set of 6 blushes ranging from light, pinky tones to rich, mauve tones is the most standout product out of the bunch. This blush is not overly pigmented, but it is perfectly buildable and blendable. Personally, I prefer blushes that can be built up, so I don’t end up with clown face, because let’s face it, we all get carried away with pretty blushes sometimes. 6 blushes for $24 is $4 per blush, so personally, I think this is a steal and totally worth the splurge,

Glow Mud Mask, $22

If you are a mask addict like myself, you will love this mask just as much as I do. It is a traditional mud mask that you apply evenly all over your face, let it sit for 15 minutes, then you wash it off. It definitely softens my face and leaves my skin smooth – however, I wouldn’t necessarily say it leaves my face glowy immediately after using it. Personally, my skin tends to be more dry, so any mud mask such as this one does dry out my skin. However, it does pull out any dirt or impurities in my face, so as long as you moisturize after, this mask is well worth it. 

MatteLast Liquid Lips, $14

If you are in need of a liquid lipstick that will last all day and stay matte, these are a great option. While these are not the best liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried, I do really enjoy them and totally recommend them. These are a great example of a product that performs identically to a more high end product at a way better price point! I am not making a specific comparison here, but the quality could easily be that of a more expensive liquid lipstick.

Glow-y Powder, $16

Before I was sent this shade (pictured below, Rome Rose), I was previously sent the shade London Lustre, which is a light white gold, whereas this is a pinky gold. Rome Rose is too dark to be a highlighter on me – however, I love it as a glowy blush, or a blush topper. The shade London Lustre, however, is one of my go-to highlights on a daily basis. It is soft & creamy, lasts all day, and is pretty glowy for a drugstore highlight. I would recommend both of these shades to anyone who is darker than me, but if you are super fair like myself, just keep in mind Rome Rose will be a bit dark. 

Pop Beauties

Plump Pout Gloss, $16

Of all the products, I think this was probably the most disappointing. The color and sheen are gorgeous, however, I found that this gloss did bleed on me (without lip liner) and had no significant plumping effect (that I noticed, anyway). For a lip gloss, this is a bit pricey, when you could get an e.l.f. one that performs a lot better. Personally, I would skip this one, although I am obsessed with the cute shape and the matte black top.

Velvet Powder Base, $22

When I first saw this product on social media, I was immediately intrigued by the cute packaging and the nice shade range. However, I was a bit put off by the price tag attached to it. Now that I have tried it myself, I can easily say this is my favorite product of the bunch. This powder does have good coverage, but it does not cake up or look heavy on the skin. It is a super soft powder that I think could work for a lot of different skin types. I do have combination skin, and I mainly put this in my t-zone to keep it from getting oily, as well as under my eyes, which works very well. If you couldn’t tell already, I am obsessed with this powder and I think everyone needs it.

Body Beam Base, $12

I really love the fact that Pop came out with an affordable body glow type product, as I rarely see those in the drugstore. For the price alone, I think everyone needs to try this product. However, if you’re looking for a blinding highlight for your body, this is not the product for you. Honestly, this was what I was expecting when I used it, and was disappointed when I realized that was not what this was. I can still appreciate it for what it is, which is a subtle sheen that gives your body a healthy glow, rather than a beaming one.

So, are they worth it?

Is that even a question? Of course they are! I know the prices are intimidating for the drugstore, but even if you just get one item at a time, both of these companies are seriously great quality and definitely at least worth checking out. Thank you for reading, as always, I really appreciate you taking your time to read! Please leave a comment with your thoughts and with your recommendations from these brands. Love you all! xx